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WMI eLearning Program

To improve the quality of education and at the same time encourage the students to increase self study, WMI has initiated an eLearning program. This program is not meant to replace in-class hours but to compliment them. Everything from the syllabi to final exams will be made available online.

This will include, all the usual notes and lecture materials normally received in class. Students will be expected to finished all assigned and graded eLearning materials for the week, prior to attending class. Students will then be fully prepared for a more interactive learning experience in the classroom.

To do this we are using an open source database utility called Moodle. Moodle is an online learning environment. Online learning environments are systems that are very popular at the college level. They serve as discussion forums, resources for class materials, and as a resource for handing in assignments or taking exams.

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